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Local wellness policies are an important tool for parents and school districts in promoting student wellness, preventing and reducing childhood obesity, and providing assurance that school meal nutrition guidelines meet the minimum federal school meal standards. PUSD’s Wellness Policy attached.

Special Diets

If your child has a medical condition requiring a special diet, download this form, have a medical professional complete and sign it and deliver it to your school cafeteria.  Your child’s meals will then be tailored to the specific requirements of their diet plan.
Meal Accommodation Form – English
Meal Accommodation Form – Spanish

If a child just needs fluid milk substitution, the parent/guardian can request for fluid milk substitution due to a medical or other special dietary need. The PARENTAL REQUEST FOR A FLUID MILK SUBSTITUTION FOR CHILDREN IN CHILD CARE CACFP 49 (REV. 2/2016) form must be filled out stating the medical or other special dietary need requiring a fluid milk substitution, preferred milk substitute, signed and dated by the parent/guardian. Paramount Unified School District – Student Nutrition Services has the discretion to select a specific brand of milk substitute since acceptable products must meet specified nutrient requirements. Juice cannot be offered as a fluid milk substitute for children with medical or special dietary needs that do not rise to the level of a disability.

Milk Substitution Form

An individual who does not have a disability but is unable to consume a particular food because of a non-disability reason, such as religious or moral reasons, is considered to have a food preference. All meals served to students with a food preference must meet USDA meal pattern requirements in order to qualify for reimbursement. These accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case basis and a FOOD PREFERENCE form must be filled out and signed by the parent/guardian of the child.

Food Preference Form

If medical accommodations are no longer required, the school will maintain a record of the request to end the medical accommodation parent/guardian must fill out the WITHDRAW MEDICAL STATEMENT TO REQUEST SPECIAL MEAL AND/OR ACCOMODATION form stating the child no longer needs a meal accommodation.

Withdraw Special Meals Form

For diabetics who need to know the carbohydrate counts for food/beverages served in the cafeteria:
Carbohydrate Count 2023-2024

Smart Snacks

Are your snacks Smart Snacks?  We offer snacks that meet the Smart Snack criteria at all of our schools.  Check out this Smart Snacks calculator to see if your snacks meet these standards too!

Our passion is helping students to be physically and mentally ready to learn by encouraging a healthy lifestyle through nutritious food, physical activity, and adequate rest.

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